Donation Fund Types

General Fund

The General Fund is the main fund that helps to cover all food, vaccinations, basic medical, cleaning supplies, etc. Most everything comes out of the general fund.

Building Fund

The Building Fund is for any building improvements and or additions to the current shelter. This would include any new structures on the shelter property, concrete, outside play yards for the animals, food building, fencing, etc.

2nd Chance Fund

The 2nd Chance Fund is fairly new and we are very fortunate to be able to have this available to the CLHS. This fund helps those animals with special needs such as heartworms, mange, xrays, etc. Those extra medical needs that most shelters usually cannot afford to do for special need animals. In most shelter these animals would not get a chance to get adopted and would be humanely put to sleep, but with your help, we are able to help treat these animals and get them adopted.

Guardian Angel Fund

The Guardian Angel Basically helps to pay for whatever animal is in that certain kennel during those six or twelve months. The cost for the Guardian Angel is Dogs: 6mths = $60 ; 12mths = $120 ; Cats: 6mths = $50 ; 12mths = $100

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The Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society has a contract with the City of Columbus and Lowndes County to provide Animal Care for unwanted or stray animals from the city. We are dependent for the remainder upon...

Our Wish List

Our Wish List
Everyday Needs - Paper towels
- Anti-bacterial dish soap
- Large bath towels
- New heating pads
- Bleach
- Laundry detergent (any brand with bleach)
- Mr. Clean® Animal...

Happy Tails: Make a difference!

Happy Tails: Make a difference!
Animal adoption does make a difference! When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you’re saving two lives, the life of the animal that you adopted and the life of the animal that’s going to take its...
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