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Happy Tails: Make a difference!

Animal adoption does make a difference! When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you’re saving two lives, the life of the animal that you adopted and the life of the animal that’s going to take its place at the shelter. There are so many amazing animals waiting for a loving and caring homes. For people who are looking for a purebred pet—studies have shown that over 25% of pets available for adoption at shelters are purebred. Here at the Columbus Lowndes Humane Society, we have various breeds at any given time and animals are constantly being adopted, so we have new animals available every day.  In addition to saving lives, you're bringing innumerable benefits into your own life – ranging from reduced stress, lots of smiles and hugs, to unconditional love. It's a win/win for everyone involved! Below are some of the success stories of animals that have been adopted through CLHS. They are the reason we do what we do.

Happy Tails

  • Harper
  • Gizzy
  • Rin Tin Tin
  • Lola
  • Rex
  • Donoho Cats
  • MarLee
  • Buddy
  • Annie
  • Bonnie
  • Brown Butter
  • Bandit
  • Gidget
  • Diesel Mack
  • Barron Cats


About a month and a half ago I adopted Callie from your shelter. She is now called Harper. It feels like I have had her for more than a month and a half. She has shown me so much love and has made me so much happier than I was. She has really given me more purpose in my life. She is so smart and loveable and she makes a great addition to my little fur family!

Sophie Thomas



Greetings from New Hampshire! My husband and I found Gizzy (Gizmo) wandering through our yard while we living in Columbus. After a brief stint at the humane society we took her home with us and when we moved back to New Hampshire a few months later she was relocated with us up in the North Country. I recently found a picture we had taken of her shortly after she came to live with us (photo 1 circa October 2012) and had to take another picture today to celebrate Spring or at least the disappearance of all the snow in our yard.

We think Gizzy might have been feral. She still has a few issues with trusting any humans other than myself and my husband but we work on it every day. She is very VERY devoted to us and to our older dog, Molly.

Thank you again for all that you do and for all the love and hope your offer what some could consider the hopeless. Gizzy is living proof of that.

Becky Michael Fitzwilliam, NH


Rin Tin Tin

March 13, 2009 Animal control was called to a house in Columbus by a Meter Reader who was making his rounds and found a severely malnourished German Shepherd Dog. This dog was chained to a dog house in the backyard and by the looks of things, he was left for dead. Animal Control seized the dog and brought him clinging to life to the Columbus Lowndes Humane Society. Our vet immediately started some IV fluids, meds, and we drew his blood to see if he was heartworm positive. This dog which we named Rin Tin Tin was a fighter. He was less than 20 pounds full grown!!! He was only skin and bones and most of his muscle had deteriorated due to lack of food and energy. We as a shelter struggle with the limited income we have and had the tough decision to either keep him and invest more than we could afford or to have him put to sleep. Since he was a fairly young dog and this horrible condition was due to the irresponsible owners and their inhumane treatment of him, not a health issue. We sent out a plea and found someone that would fund his vet bills and we decided to do all we could to help save him and bring him back to life. The days that followed were a struggle. We spend hours a day working with him, just trying to get him to lift his head to eat or drink out of our hands. It had been so long since he had eaten, that he did not want anything to do with food. We would mix up a mixture of vitamins, soft food, and some meds and syringe feed him every hour or so. After about five days of this he tried to lift his head, something that he did not do before. He would just lie on the pads we had for him and not move. Everyday was the same, but after a week he graduated from the syringe to eating soft food from our hands and drinking water from a bowl. We would offer him many small meals a day and over the next couple of weeks he doubled in weight and then tripled. It was the small blessing that we were thankful for. After about 2.5-3 weeks we tried to get him to walk. He was still so weak since he did not have much muscle, that we had to use a sling to help him, one under his front legs and one under his stomach. He would be able to go a couple of feet and lay down. We continued to do this multiple times a day, every day and soon he looked forward to our walks. With lots of prayers, Rin Tin continued to get better and better every day. He was heartworm positive and loaded with multiple parasites, but all this was able to be treated. The only reason he was in this horrific condition is because heartless owners decided not to feed him and left him to die. With prayers and support, we were able to save this awesome dog and give him the chance of a forever loving home. This brings me to the best part of his adoption story! By saving Rin Tin’s life, we were able to give a man a companion that is his life saver.

April 24, 2009 after six weeks of tender loving care we found a perfect home for Rin Tin. We were able to get his weight from less than 20 pounds to around 65 pounds. B.J. Wegener came to the shelter looking for a new best friend. They saw Rin Tin and fell in love. They were willing to pay and have him treated for heartworms when he put on a little more weight. They brought him by for a visit the following year and he was over 100 pounds and was the most beautiful heartworm free German Shepherd Dog that I have ever seen. Just recently I ran into Cody the grandson of B.J. and he said Buddy (previously Rin Tin) is doing fabulous. Cody told me that B.J. was diagnose with Alzheimer's and Buddy is his best friend and companion. Cody said that Buddy keeps B.J. going and if it were not for Buddy; B.J. wouldn’t still be with us. This tells me that Buddy had a purpose. To fight all odds and come back stronger than ever to help someone that needed him.

This is a happy ending to a tragic and totally preventable situation. This story was only possible because the CLHS has such loving and caring volunteers and generous donors that wanted to save Rin Tin Tin. With your support, the CLHS can continue to help those animals in need in Lowndes County.

B.J. Wegener


We adopted Lola in January 2014. We fell in love with her in the first five minutes at the shelter. Her eyes were full of love and just needing someone to love her back. Lola was very shy and unsure of things at first. We assumed she was used for breeding, and never learned how to be on a leach. The humane society knew she was a sweetheart once you got her out of her shell and they were right. Over the past year we have worked with Lola to trust people and this girl doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Lola loves our two kids, and is best friends with our four cats.

I guess you could say Lola rescued us. We have so much pride knowing we rescued her, and Lola shows us every day that she loves us and is thankful.

Forever Thankful,
The Atkins



As soon as I came across Rex, formerly known as Lex, online I knew he was the dog for me. I adopted him from the Society in late November 2014. The staff at Columbus Lowndes Humane Society were kind, and willing to wait a day for me to make the five hour trip to Columbus, Mississippi. As soon as I brought him home he went directly to my room and sat in the center of my bed (which is now "his bed").  Rex has proved to be a terrific running parter and has a great eye for the birds, squirrels, deer, and other wildlife in my neighborhood. He loves our daily runs but does not mind staying inside on rainy days. It took Rex a couple of days at home before his true personality came out. He is a classic Irish Setter in that when outside he is energetic, high-spirited, and very watchful. Inside he is extremely well mannered, quiet yet playful and loving. When I leave him at home he lounges on the couch, even watching TV on occasion, until I return. Haha. Rex is very friendly with people and other dogs. I look forward to many good years with my newfound best friend.



Chip, Tabitha and June

My story started on Caledonia Day in 2011. My mother was looking for a little dog because she recently had lost hers. Well when you walk up all the little kittens and puppies were right in front and to the left side there was three cages with adult cats. Everyone was loving and petting on all the kittens and puppies and I noticed the adult cats were just sitting over there by themselves so I went over and petted and loved on all three of them. I Talked to a sweet lady that was working with you guys and she proceeded to tell me that all these cats were actually past due to be euthanized and they were just giving them a last chance to be adopted at Caledonia Day. Of course that broke my heart but my husband and I already had 4 cats at home and two of them were from you guys. The other two were rescues so I really didn't need anymore cats.

We would come back every so often during the day and by the end of the day they still weren't adopted so I decided without asking my husband I would adopt all three. We loaded them up and I drove them home. We lived in the country with lots of woods and a big field so I let them out one by one and my goodness it was so touching. You could tell they had been confined for a while because when I let them loose they were so so happy! One ran to a tree and started sharpening his claws, another one started rolling on the grass and Chip ran to the cat food I had out! All three are amazing companions and awesome mousers! The feeling of knowing these cats now have a chance to live is so touching and they are now happy and healthy and most of all loved! Thank you guys for all you do for all these animals. It takes special people to do what you guys do!

Meet Chip, Tabitha and June :) June is the calico cat, Tabitha is the mostly black calico cat and Chip is the white and grayest black cat! They love to eat, play with each other and sun bath!

With great respect,
Maginn Donoho



He was adopted on 3/4/14. You called him Puckett. My daughter is named Margaret Lee and she insisted that I name him after her, thus MarLee.

The first picture was taken on 3/7/14. He was 13 lbs.

For the Christmas picture he probably was 80 lbs.

His favorite time of the day is 6PM. I call him and say "Happy Hour" and he comes running. He has ice and almonds. I have vodka. He also gets hysterical (happy) when I ask him if he want to go for a ride. Sunday we went out and I think he was disappointed that we did not go to the vets office.

Anyway he is a typical Weimaraner. Real headstrong. Never a dull moment. He has meant a lot to me.

Lee McCormick


This is Buddy, we picked him up at the humane society early July 2008. He needed fostering for a while until his fur grew back, and a little weight on him. While we were nursing him, we fell in love, and couldn't see him with anybody else. So Sept.17 2008 he became a part of our family. He has been through a lot, distemper and parvo, and still has the will to live. He has helped me with many foster pups. He has a special ball that he can't be without, he can catch a frisbee too. Runs as fast as lightning and can jump over the puppy gates. He also has a special place on our bed at night. He can also tell if I've had a bad day, I cant imagine my world without my Buddy...

Trudy and Dennis McDanell


We adopted Roseanne from your Shelter in April of 2008, whom we renamed Annie. I remember being told that she was found wandering the streets of downtown Columbus pregnant and she had her pups at a friend of yours farm. The day I came to the Shelter she had been there for 6 months or more and kept getting overlooked, I say she was just waiting for me. Since day one Annie has been the sweetest girl anyone could ask for, so laid back and loving, you just couldn't ask for a better dog. Annie and our other dog at the time Jake were inseparable, best friends till he passed 3 yrs ago, she also gets along famously with our 2 cats they bathe each other. Unfortunately, Annie was diagnosed in August of 2013 with cancer, mass cell tumors, and we were told she would never make last Christmas. Well we decided to let her eat all the vanilla ice cream and what ever else she wanted in her last few months, now 10 pounds heavier, and here she is almost a year past what she was given. So yes, we stopped the endless ice cream. I had asked my Vet why she is so far past what they thought and she said, which touched my heart because she is well taken care of and loved so much. She had 2 surgeries since but were told 2 weeks ago, when we brought her in for a tumor on her flank, they discovered several tumors internally and they could not remove them and told us it probably won't be long. However, Annie is one tough girl and full of life we take her and our other dog Duke to the softball field at least 2 -3 times a week and she runs with him across that field like a race horse, you would never know she is sick. I am grateful the the extra year we were given, however, will never be prepared to lose my precious girl. Please keep Annie in your prayers. Thank you showing me Annie the day arrived at your shelter, and giving me & my husband so far 6 1/2 yrs of of love, joy and countless wonderful memories.

Tess & Bill Harris


Charles and Nancy Gilliam adopted Bonnie the Chihuahua July 3, 2014. She has brought them so much love, happiness, and joy. They are so happy with her, she is a very smart, playful girl that loves to play tug a war with her daddy.

Brown Butter

Bob and Lisa Clarke
adopted Brown Butter from us in Nov 2014. He is a playful new addition to the adopted dog that they adopted last year.


Bandit was found as a new born under a trailer. He was being fostered. As a shelter foster/volunteer I offered to give his current foster a break. After a very short time both my husband and I knew he was going to be part of our family. He lives up to his name daily. He is all boy. We would not have it any other way. He brings us so much joy. 

Rebecca Goodell


Gidget was brought into the shelter and was crying without ceasing. So I was asked to try to foster her to try to calm her. She had spent her first part of her life in a small cage and her feet were badly stained from urine. Well the first time she went outside she danced as if the grass tickled her feet. She had separation anxiety but she did learn to feel secure and safe. After love, care and time she is completely house broken. She reminded me of a Poodle I had for 16 years and well she had to stay here with us . She loves me so much ...there is no question she is a mommy's girl.

Rebecca Goodell

Diesel Mack

We adopted Diesel Mack from your Petsmart adoption drive last weekend. We are so happy with him. He is such a sweet heart and a snuggler! He gets along great with all our other dogs. We love him so much and he is being spoiled rotten.

Christina Jurusik

Henri and Sebastian

I'd never had much experience with cats until I got to foster a litter of 2 week old kittens from CLHS in 2013. That's all it took and I was hooked. Henri (left) and Sebastian (right) were from that litter. Of course when we got them, we didn't know what sex they were, so my kids just named them whatever came to mind. Turns out both are female, but by the time we found out – the names just stuck! :) They have been SUCH a wonderful addition to our family and get along great with our dog… and they give her some company as they all like to nap together. And after a long day at work, there's nothing more calming than a purring cat on my shoulder or lap. Wouldn't trade either of them for anything. Thank you, CLHS for all you do.

Beth Barron


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Happy Tails: Make a difference!

Happy Tails: Make a difference!
Animal adoption does make a difference! When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you’re saving two lives, the life of the animal that you adopted and the life of the animal that’s going to take its...
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